Ansol Gulf (AG), planned for the construction of a new bulk chemicals storage facility in their existing facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone for storage of flammable chemicals.

The proposed project of Ansol Gulf includes the following components:

  1. Installation of six fixed roof storage tanks (each 1500 m3 capacity) for storage of flammable chemicals. All tanks will be provided with Nitrogen blanketing facility. Chemicals to be stored in the tanks: Acetone, Butyl Glycol, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Xylene.
  2. Four new pipelines from jetty to proposed tank farm.
  3. Inter-tank pumping.
  4. A drum filling unit/station.
  5. Modifications to existing road tank filling station, new road tanker loading lines.
  6. A new Dutch barn for storage of filled Nitrogen storage tank and supply.


The scope of work of the EIA study included:

The scope of work of the RA study included:

Project undertaken by KEC team member