The proposed plant of BioD Technology will be located in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

BioD proposes to manufacture Biodiesel, a renewable fuel from vegetable oil. The plant will utilize otherwise wasted and difficult to dispose materials as input (e.g. used cooking oil, Tallow, Palm acid oil, Crude palm oil) and convert them into useful Biodiesel. The Biodiesel will have same performance as that of diesel. The technology selected can process any free fatty acids (FFA) raw material and thereby able to procure low value raw and can manufacture high grade Bio diesel which comply with EN 14214 standard.

BioD Technology engaged the Consultant to prepare Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) study reports for the Biodiesel plants.


The scope of work of the EIA study included:

The scope of work of the RA study included:

Project undertaken by KEC team member