The water supply system in Deir Alla and Al Karameh areas was constructed in 1974, and is presently worn out and severely deteriorated resulting in very high Non-Revenue Water. Furthermore, there is no sewerage collection system and sanitation is limited to septic tanks.

To address the water supply and sanitation shortcomings, a feasibility study for the upgrade of the existing water supply system and the provision of a new wastewater collection system is proposed. The study is financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), and is aimed at determining the technical, economic, financial, social, and environmental feasibility of the proposed upgrade works that would be serving a population of 88,000 people at year 2035.


Kassia is assigned to investigate the feasibility of reusing treated sewage effluent (TSE), and Treated Sludge (TS), and to develop a TSE and TS management plan by undertaking the following tasks: