Ijazi Investment Co. is a leading Lebanese manufacturer of concrete tiles, and has recently established a factory for producing concrete tiles in Jadra- Al Shouf Caza.

The operation of the plant could result in emissions to the environment; either direct from the production process, or indirectly from the operation of the facility ancillary equipment such as domestic wastewater discharge.

An Environmental Audit (EA) was conducted to identify what emissions are not compliant with the limits prescribed by the Lebanese laws/standards, and to prepare a Compliance Action Plan (CAP) addressing the identified non-compliances. The EA will make the Client eligible to apply for the Environmental Compliance Certificate in accordance with Lebanese Environmental Laws



The EA was developed over three distinct phases: pre-audit, onsite audit, and post-audit. The following summarizes the tasks conducted:

Pre-Audit Activities

On-Site Audit Activities

Post-Audit Activities