The treatment facility is intended to serve the future inhabitants of the Saudi National Guard (SANG) Khashim Al-Aan Housing Project.

The proposed STP will receive the sewage flows generated by the inhabitants of 5,400 villas. The STP will be developed in phases that are a function of the development and occupancy level of the housing complex. The ultimate capacity considered in the current STP facility planning is 15,000 m3/day, provided by three treatment trains, each having 5,000 m3/day capacity.

The proposed technology to be used in the STP is Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, which shall surpass tertiary effluent quality standards to produce an effluent with a TSS of 3 mg/l, BOD5 5 mg/l, and TN 10 mg/l. The effluent itself is intended for use in landscape.


The Consultant undertook the following tasks: