The Project aims at the development of a 40,000 m3/day wastewater treatment plant to serve a projected population of 124,000 that will inhabit 19 reclaimed islands. Intensive treatment processes based on Membrane Bioreactor technology will be constructed and utilized to minimize land use. The design of effluent treatment units of such processes shall be conducted in compliance with the local standards.

The sewage treatment plant will cover around 3.75 hectares and will be in-close proximity to residential areas and other commercial facilities. As such, urban settings, noise, aesthetics, odor and other parameters are potential impacts that require investigation.

Given that the project might pose an impact on the environment, an Environmental Impact assessment was conducted to address all the physical, chemical and biological parameters of this project.


The EIA process consisted of two stages: (1) Scoping study, (2) Full EIA report. The following tasks were undertaken during the EIA study: