Financed by the World Bank, the project aims at the improvement and extension of existing water supply system in Rasht and Anzali, the provision of facilities for wastewater collection and its disposal as well as construction of wastewater treatment plants in each city. The Project is expected to provide infrastructure facilities to a population of 956,600 in Rasht covering an area of 9,850 hectares and to nearly 252,000 inhabitants of Anzali with an area of 3,095 hectares by the year 2027.

Besides improving environmental conditions in Rasht and Anzali and providing relief to the public health risks, the key benefit of the project will be the protection and improvement of Anzali Lagoon, which is a wet land of international ecological importance.

As part of fulfilling the World bank requirements, the Iranian Ministry of Energy commissioned the consultant to prepare the Environmental Assessment study according to World Bank guidelines for Category A projects.


Kassia’s role was to review, edit, compile, and to prepare where necessary the Environmental Report of the Project. Specific tasks undertaken: