The Project includes the provision of a WTP with capacity of 35,000 m3/day of product water capacity for potable water use and District Cooling make up water. The plant has 5 streams of 7,000 m3 /day each. The feed to the plant is from a seawater intake structure with a 1.6 km intake pipe and the reject is discharged to the sea via a 1.6 km outfall with a diffuser manifold. The scope of work included the supervision of the EIA study and activities conducted by the URS Consultants.


The project is a component of the larger project “Phase 9: Water Supply Riyadh City-Wasia”, which is aimed at providing an additional 300,000 m3/day of drinking water for the future water supply of Riyadh City. The other 6 lots include well fields, pumping stations, reservoirs, transmission pipelines, and electrical systems.


  1. Water Treatment Plant (WTP) comprising Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment Units, WTP buildings, piping within the WTP, raw water tanks, SCADA and electrical systems, and auxiliary infrastructure facilities
  2. Brine Disposal Facilities comprising collection and conveyance piping, evaporation ponds and distribution facilities, service roads and necessary electrical systems

The Consultant undertook the following assignment:

Review and assist in the preparation of the technical submittals that are required under the tender documents to improve their content and presentation. The aim of the review is to highlight the winning aspects of the proposal and to project the high engineering standards and contracting capabilities of the Client.