The Umm Al Hayman WWTP is among the largest wastewater treatment plants in the Gulf Region with a design capacity of 700,000 m3/day. The project included a lift station near the Sabah Al Ahmed City with capacity of 61,000 m3/day with two rising mains. The plant was designed with treated effluent suitable for irrigation and discharge to the sea.

As part of their contract with the Ministry of Power and Water, Dar Al Handassah conducted a Value Engineering (VE) workshop at 50% design stage. The aim of the VE workshop was to ensure that project design is optimized by increasing the functional worth of the facility.


A systematic approach was undertaken in identifying the facility design changes that would lead to the highest project value.

Alternative designs were looked at in terms of enhanced performance & capability whilst considering capital and operating costs.

The scope of work conducted by the Consultant included leading the value engineering effort from the process side and providing assistance to the Value Engineering Coordinator on all technical matters related to the development of the wastewater treatment.