Wadi Al Adaireh is a valley that passes through Hail city and conveys floods discharging from the nearby Aja mountains, and historically acted as a key environmental medium where endemic plants and wildlife flourished.   However, urban growth around the wadi led to deterioration of its environmental conditions:

Against the backdrop of the wadi’s environmental degradation, the National Water Company (NWC), commissioned the project study.

The Wadi Al Adaireh project aims at the environmental rehabilitation and development of the wadi considering that it is an environmental resource with urban, social, economic, and historical dimensions. Hence, the project seeks to ameliorate the surrounding urban areas, develop key infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams, water facilities), and also seeks to recover the historical identity of Hail city through establishing parks, gardens, green areas, pedestrian walkways; which render the wadi as major recreation and relaxation space for the city’s residence.


Kassia acted as the project manager responsible for project study delivery with following key tasks: