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Consultants & Multinationals

We work with main consultants to support them on specific tasks within their assignments. We act as part of their team, fully understand their requirements, and deliver our services within the assignment schedule and to a high quality level that adds value to the main assignment.


We have successfully teamed up with contracting entities on numerous Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects. Our intervention in these projects has had a significant contribution in winning tenders, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
On projects requiring environmental permitting, we make the extra effort to obtain timely approvals on our Environmental Impact Assessment studies, thus guaranteeing that the contractor’s construction schedule proceeds as planned and that environmental and health requirements are met.
On water and wastewater projects requiring tender design, we review the concept design intially prepared to confirm that process design is adequate to meet the desired treatment and environmental objectives, whilst identifying design improvements that lead to capital and operational cost savings.
On water and wastewater projects requiring detailed design, our engineering efforts are directed towards ensuring that detail design not only meets project standards and Client requirements, but also results in optimized operability and maintainability of the works.

Government, Public Agencies, & Funding Agencies

Governments, public agencies and funding agencies are entrusted with development of projects that are crucial to the welfare of local communities, and are faced with the big challenge of meeting limited finances. We work closely with these clients to assist them in the planning and the design of these projects, whilst incorporating sustainability principles. This is done in a manner which respects cultural requirements and balances the competing pressures of service provision and funding.

Real Estate Developers

We work closely with real estate developers in the critical Site Assessment phase to identify the proposed site Environmental Liabilities due to land and ground water contamination, or due to impacts on sensitive receptors, and impacts from adjacent developments. We assess major hazards related to geomorphology and study critical aspects related to availability and reliability of the basic utilities. These aspects often present major risks for real estate developers, and our role is to identify these risks and provide the recommended measures to mitigate them.

Regional Partners

We have formed partnerships with regional companies where synergy and complementarity exists.

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